Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Prayer for Independence Day

© 2010 Trisha Arlin

Bless Yah
Awesone Oneness, wresting freedom from bondage
Essence of the Positive, offering the power to refuse.
Cosmic Glue, teaching holy separation.
Authority Incarnate, loving a good joke.

Bless Yah for this congregation where doubt can be an act of faith.
It is our home.

Bless Yah
Upon Which All Depends, demanding self-determination.
The Still Small Voice, knowing how to make a fuss.
Ruler of the Universe, ensuring that all Empires crumble.
Eternal and Fixed, giving the power to change.

Bless Yah for this Brooklyn of many voices.
It is our home.

Bless Yah
Natural and Beautiful Serenity, enjoying the fireworks.
Compassionate and Kind, keeping the ants from our picnics.
Biblical Warrior, making peace.
Ineffable and Unknowable, anchoring us in community.

And bless Yah for the United States of America, imperfect but sometimes glorious.
It is our home.

Brucha Yah, Ruach Ha Olam, notain lanu atzma-oo-tainu. Modim Anachnu HaMakom.
Bless Yah, Breath of the Universe, giving us our independence. We are thankul for this place.

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