Saturday, November 16, 2013

Blessing The Name

Bless Hashem, Bless The Name
Of The Creator of Light and Darkness.

This is sometimes hard to understand:
Blessing the name and not naming the name.
Perhaps it means
We are in awe
And can only touch the hem of the garment,
Not even the name itself.
But sometimes I think
It just means that we haven't yet come up
With a satisfactory nickname.

In Genesis
God created the wild beasts and all the birds of the sky
And brought them to Adam to see what he would calll them
And the man gave names to them all.
Did Adam gain control of the animals because he could name them?
Or was that only an illusion of control
To comfort Adam in his newborn bewilderment?

And sometimes I think
That the God who receives all this blessing
Watches us to see what we will call God.
Giving us the illusion of control
Over the Eternal Ineffable Unnameable One-ness
So as to comfort us in our spiritual infancy.

So we bless that gift of comfort and delusion,
One among many
As we come together,
To Bless the Name
Of the Creator of Light and Dark
Of Life and Death
Of Everything
We are in awe
And can only touch the hem of the garment
Not even the name itself.

It is so interesting.
It is so lovely.
We are so lucky.

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