Sunday, May 3, 2015

An Infringement On My Work by NBC


As you can see from the sidebar, I make my prayers and kavannot and drashot available for people, clergy and congregations who will use them as such under a Creative Commons SA license, which means that you have to give me attribution, if you make any changes you have to make note of them, and if you share my work you have to share it under that license only, and if you can't share it under that license then you must negotiate permission and payment with me.  

But-  On Sunday, April 26, 2015, NBC's TV series, "AD:The Story Continues" which is about what happens after the crucifixion of Jesus, used a prayer I wrote, as coming from the mouth of Caiaphas, the High Priest.  They deleted the references to Adonai, Shechinah, Baruch Kodesh Hu, One-ness but otherwise it was entirely my original work, which was first put up on this blog in July of 2014 under the name, A Prayer for Suffering.  (I later changed the name to A Prayer for compassion.)

I didn't see this show, but a very nice blogger who regularly covers films and television shows with Christian content was interested in what he heard and wanted to know where it came from, so he googled the phrases and quickly found this blog.  He contacted me to find out if I'd written this piece or was quoting from another source.

Here's the piece he wrote on what happened, along with an interview with me about it:

I'm not sure what's going to happen next, but I really want you all to know, if you want to use my work in your services or in your newsletters, I am very happy to have you do so as long as you share them with attribution and under the same license.  If, however, you use them in a work of art or a siddur or any other form that you are getting paid for or charging money for, you must contact me and negotiate permission and payment.  All works on this site are copyrighted by Trisha Arlin.

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  1. Hey trish,

    Loving your work and plan to attribute it all if/when I use it in prayer and meditation....keep up the fight with NBC - it sounds like it is moving based on the article written about it...good dlti 8