Friday, July 20, 2018

A Healing Prayer For Disrupted Immigrant Families

What do we pray for, so that disrupted immigrant families will be healed?*

Do we pray for God's intervention?
Do we pray that the trauma of their forced separation is miraculously cured?
Do we pray that the racism responsible for these policies just instantly vanishes?
Do we pray that easy cruelty is abruptly  transformed into empathy and kindness?

No, because this will not be simple and easy.
And it isn't God who needs to intervene.
So this is our prayer for complete healing:

Blessed be all of us,
As we
Agitate and organize,
Shout and sing,
Write and call representatives,
Send money and sign petitions,
Attend rallies and march in the streets,
Get out the vote. 
And Vote.

And let us say,

*Written in solidarity with the July 26, 2018 Deportee Suitcase Solidarity March

Friday, June 29, 2018

Yotzer: A Blessing Of Creation In A Time of Loss, Confusion, Fear And Anger

Blessed Fierce Mystery:
In a time of loss, confusion, fear and anger,
We choose to pray the Birkat Yotzer, the Blessing of Creation.
Praise the Creator,  Created, Creating.

We praise the Creator of Lightness and Darkness,
Together in the One-ness,
And we look for the gateways between these qualities
So that we may see and understand in all directions with complexity and compassion.

We praise the stories that are Created,
Our myths, our science, our history, our art, our rituals,
And we look to them for comfort and purpose and meaning
So that we may construct the paths of holiness and truth.  

We praise all those who are Creating strategies and solutions
Against hate and stupidity,
And we look for hope on a regular basis
So that something old, destroyed, may become something new, invented.

Praise the Creator, Created, Creating.
Bless, blessed, blessing.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

A Short Prayer For Social Justice

Blessed Fierce Mystery,
Creator, Created, Creating,
We are not praying for your help,
Because we know what to do:
Agitate, organize, shout,
Write , call, send money,
Rally, march, vote.

Monday, June 18, 2018

I Don't Get It: A Prayer Of Understanding

Blessed Fierce Mystery,
Creator, Created, Creating
I pray for understanding, because
I just don't get it.

I don't mean I don't know what's happening.
I know.
I know what atrocities theyre committing
And I know why they're doing it
And how they're doing it.
I understand who it serves
And who it hurts.
I understand who profits
And who suffers.
I get it, but...

I don't understand.
What goes on in their heads?
How do they justify the cruelty?
I don't mean I haven't heard their logic,
I know.
And I understand the psychology of it,
The dehumanization
And the tribalism
The otherness of the victims
And the, you know, the racism.
I get it, but...

It boggles the mind,
How do you hurt children like that?
I don't mean I've never heard of monsters who
Like to frighten and humiliate people who can't defend themselves,
I mean, I understand that it happens,
And they're not really monsters,
They are, alas, human beings.
I know they may not mean to do this,
Or know they're doing this
Or maybe they think it serves a larger cause,
Or they feel like they don't have a choice,
Or that they're Only Following Orders,
Or even,
It's My Job,
I Gotta Feed My Kids First.
I get it, I do...


I don't get it.

Blessed Fierce Mystery,
Creator, Created, Creating,
We are not praying for your help,
Because we know what to do:
Agitate, organize, write, call, send money, vote.
But it would be nice
To understand.


Thursday, June 14, 2018

A Blessing For A Community Celebrating Its Past And Looking Towards the Future

Baruch atah Adonai,
Brucha At Shechinah,
HaKodesh Baruch Hu,

We honor this entire community,
together with all holy communities:
All of us,
And our loved ones.

Bless the ones who began us.
Bless the ones who teach and the ones who learn.
Bless the ones who pray and create our sacred spaces.
Bless the ones who organize and change the world.
Bless the ones who do the hard work of building structure.
And bless those who care for those in need and those who need their care.

Blessed One-ness,
Creator, Created, Creating,
We honor the chain of work
that made this community.
We give love and thanks
for our founders who forged those chains.
We give love and thanks 
For all the links here today.
And we give love and thanks for those
Who will continue to build this chain into the future.
And with all the voices of all our lives, 
Let us say