Saturday, July 3, 2010

Another prayer for July 4th

© 2010 Trisha Arlin

Brucha Ya, Ruach HaOlam
Bless Yah, Breath of the universe
Thank you for all the contradictions of Home:

Connection and Independence,
Satisfaction and Frustration
Dull Sameness and Scary Change.

Faith and Skepticism
Patriotism and Rebellion
Cosmic Glue and Holy Separation.

Trust and Disbelief
Joy and Agony
True Perception And Cruel Obtuseness

Kindness and Squabbles
Imprisonment and Picnics
Serene Nature and Fabulous Fireworks.


Modim Anachnu HaMakom.
Thank you for this place, our country, our home,
the United States of America of many voices,
land of both opportunity and disappointment.

Imperfect but sometimes incredibly glorious, home.
Where doubt can be an act of faith
And all hands are needed.



  1. Wow, Trish. Fancy meeting you here! Well done.

  2. Amein.
    Below was brought to my attention by Brian Fink:
    Kaplan's 1945 Sabbath Prayer Book contains a supplement for Independence Day, commenting on the "spiritual foundations of our Republic." In it, the congregation is instructed to rise and recite excerpts from the Declaration of Independence, followed by a prayer expressing hope that America fulfills the promise of its founding. Even with its anachronistic language, I find this prayer to be especially meaningful today:
    O God, who art Liberator and Redeemer, Lawgiver and Judge, who rulest over all mankind and presidest over the destinies of nations, we invoke Thy continued blessing on our Republic, which Thy grace called into being, and Thy love has sustained to this day.

    May America remain loyal to the principles of the Declaration of Independence, and extend their application to ever widening areas of life.

    Keep out of our life all manner of oppression, persecution, and unjust discrimination; save us from religious, racial and class conflicts; may our country be a haven of refuge to the victims of injustice and misrule.

    Instruct us in the art of living together, of reconciling differences of opinion and averting clashes of interest, of helping one another to achieve a harmonious and abundant life.

    Give us the wisdom to elect to leadership capable, conscientious men, men of integrity who will govern our people according to Thy law of righteousness.

    Bless Thou the enterprise of the American people, that they may utilize the natural resources of the land for the highest good of all men.

    May America be ever hospitable to new revelations of truth in science and philosophy, ever sensitive to the appeal of beauty in nature and art, ever responsive to the call of duty and the spirit of religious consecration and worship;

    And may Americans so love their country that they shall withhold no sacrifice required to safeguard its life and to fulfill its promise;

    That the Star-Spangled Banner, the symbol of our American democracy, may ever wave o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave.