Saturday, May 26, 2012

Go up the Mountain: A Shavuot Kavanah

We gather together
At the edge of the Red Sea
Or in a room at the edge of our seats,
Ready to run
Or ready to study?
Either way it's unknown territory.

We trek through the desert.
And with each step away from home
And the cucumbers of Egypt,
We tremble:
From Revelation
Or Pharoah's chariots?
Either way I hope you brought a flashlight.

With each step
We walk into the past.
History or Myth?
Either way, it's real and it's ours.
Trusting our rabbi or Moshe on the mountain?
Either way we're gonna learn something.
Following our hazzan or the prophetess Miriam?
Either way it sounds good.

Closer and closer to Sinai
To get the Gift of Torah.
The Gift of Obligation and Knowledge,
Or the Gift of Doubt and Guilt,
Either way, God loves giving presents!

Would you have left Egypt?
Would you have crossed the Red Sea?
Would you have walked the desert?
Would you have waited at Sinai?
Or would you have stayed home, cozy and hydrated,
Asking no questions,
Fearing no answers?
Either way, my feet already hurt.
Let us go up the mountain. 

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