Thursday, March 14, 2013

If I Let It: A Kavanah for Kabbalat Shabbat

It grows dark.
I light two candles and drink a sip of wine
And the world changes for one day,
If I let it.

There will be music
And friendship
And food,
If I allow it.

There will be Torah
And wisdom
And God-ness,
If I permit it.

There will be quiet
And napping
And deep rest,
If I open up to it

There will be study
And expansion
And new ideas,
If I consent to it.

There will prayer
And blessings
And meditation,
If I give in to it.

There will be hope
And renewal
And clarity,
If I walk toward it.

If I let it
If I allow it
If I permit it
If I open up to it
If I consent to it.
If I give in to it.
If I walk toward it
The world changes for one day.

Shabbat happens,
If I let it.

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