Friday, June 21, 2013

EMET: Truth -- Established and Otherwise

There is truth and there is truth.

This is the truth:
The world is dreadful and frightening.
The world is persistently delightful.

This is the truth:
God is a lawgiver.
God is indifferent.

This is the truth:
God is real.
God is a metaphor.

This is the truth:
Religion ensures survival.
Religion kills.

This is the truth:
There is objective truth.
There is only doubt.

Stories and psalms and prophecies,
Learning and ritual and tradition,
We accumulate it all and amidst the contradictions
We try to capture truth 

Within the knowing and the not knowing
For our ancestors, ourselves, and our children.
It is amusing and sad and heroic
That we stubbornly persist
In describing
That which is inherently and permanently
Impossible to describe.
Blessed One-ness
We acknowledge our ridiculous insistence
On ultimate truth.
And give thanks for our small portion of it.
As true as the Ain Sof,
As true as what we ate for breakfast.
There is truth and there is truth,
Emet v'emet.


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