Saturday, December 14, 2013

Holy Wholeness: A Kaddish Shalem

How can a name be great?
Why exalt a name?
Why do we need a Name?
From Before Time Was,
During Time As it Is,
After Time Which Will Be
Bless the Ancestral God or your Personal God 
Or the God of Our Current Understanding or lack thereof,
And let us say, Amen.
Bless who?  what?  how do we name the Un-nameable?

Bless the names of God that we came up with anyway, because we’re human and we need names.
And so many more.

Bless the name, Hashem, meaning “The Name”, because even the inadequate names we came with are a bit too powerful for some of us to say out loud.
Oy, it’s complicated.
Layer Upon Layer of attempts to describe the Indescribable.
It’s a good thing we Jews like that sort of thing.
So bless our need for a name
It has made us so creative.
Bless the Eternal and the Glorious,
The Holy Whole,
And bless our imaginative attempts to imagine the Unimaginable.

It makes us happy to think about God

Even though we have absolutely no idea what the truth is,

That's never stopped us before!
Really, we can’t say it enough,
We are blessed with this burden.
We go on and on
Above and beyond these blessings
Above and beyond the prayers and psalms and torah reading
We go on and on
Because we need to describe what cannot be described.
We need structure in the face of the vast

So we make up stories.
We create a personality and voice for God.
It makes sense of of the apparently chaotic.
So let us pray for beginings and middles and ends.
These prayers of all the Jews, these prayers of all the world:
For life despite death
For joy despite sorrow
For meaning despite  doubt.
May these prayers be answered,
As unlikely as that may be,
You never know.
And let us say, Amen.

Let us go on and on
So that we may be heard
Let us shout if we have to!
You want us to listen to You?
Then listen to us!
And let us say, Amen.

To all Jews everywhere
Observant, religious, liberal, secular, cultural…
To all of our teachers and to their teachers
And to all their students' students
To all who study Torah
To all who want to learn anything
To all who need to learn,
Here or anywhere
May we be at peace,

So that we may enjoy our learning.
May we know our true selves

So that we can act with compassion.
May we find wholeness
And may we share the wholeness
And receive the same in return.
And may we have nice long lives in which to share and enjoy the good things of life:
And may we have an inkling of a smidgeon of a glimpse of
Of the shadow of the back of God.
Oh please may we know God’s presence.

Please please please.

Oh wait, God's presence has always been here

And always will be.

Never mind.

God doesn't need any names,

Only we do.
And let us say, Amen.

May we have the will and the luck and the opportunity and the grace
To experience in our short lives:
Love, Kindness, Compassion
Sexual Pleasure, Good Food, Fun
Parents, Children, Family
Knowledge, Learning, Teaching
Work, Responsibility, Community
Rest, Gratitude, Companionship
Health, Forgiveness, Healing,
Atonement, Redemption, Salvation.
May everyone everywhere achieve all this
And let us say, Amen.

And may the Breathing Breath of Eternity
Grant peace
Upon us and everybody else.

And may the Un-nameable be sanctified
And the Names we have invented to name the Un-nameable be sanctified
And may The Name we invented to name the names we invented for the Un-nameable be sanctified.
Layer Upon Layer of attempts to describe the Indescribable.
It’s a good thing we like that sort of thing.
Bless our need for these names,
It has made us so creative
In our own small way.
Amidst the ongoing Creation
Of the Creating Creator,
May our creations flourish and survive our limitations.

And may we see the good things grow
And the bad things diminish
In our lifetimes.
And if we may be so bold as to hope
For the good things to happen
Sooner rather than later?

Bless The Name of the Names of the Un-nameable
Layer Upon Layer
A Holy Wholeness.
May all our prayers
Be understood
And let us say, Amen

However we understand God on any given day,

Making peace and
Sustaining wholeness

Through us
If we but have the eyes to see,
For each other
And all the world,

And let us say, Amen.

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