Thursday, December 17, 2015

Tilt: A Prayer for the Winter Solstice

This is the time of year that

The earth tilts away from the light
So perhaps we must tilt in the other direction
Towards the longer days.

After twelve months of rising up and sinking down,
Twelve months of fear and affirmation,
Twelve months of creation and bureaucracy,
Twelve months of violence and love:
We're tired.

Perhaps this is a good moment

To be quiet and
To make noise and
To reflect and
To propose new solutions and
To light candles.

All very interesting
And, really, just a little too interesting.  
We could use a drink.

May we all be blessed with light in the darkness, 
warmth in the cold, 
glitter in the snow 
and a joyful winter solstice
As we tilt towards the long days.

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