Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Maariv / Evening Prayer

Baruch Kodesh Hu
Blessed Holy One-ness,

We give thanks for the Dusk
And the setting sun
Which brings on our maariv prayers.
May they be delightful and full of meaning.

We give thanks for the Evening 
That sends us home,
 Our place of safety in the darkness.
May it be welcoming and a place of love.

We give thanks for the Night
That watches as we sleep,
Making room for our dreams.
May they be vivid and oozing with insight.

We give thanks for this Revolving World,
Turning day into night and night into day,
Giving us so much to imagine and so much to see.
May we enjoy both the patterns and the changes.

Baruch Atah Adonai HaMaariv V'aravim.
It is so beautiful.


Saturday, March 18, 2017

My Breath Is A Prayer

I am of the Breath of the Universe
And each breath is a prayer.

I breathe in oxygen
I breathe out carbon dioxide.
The earth breathes in the carbon dioxide
And breathes out oxygen.
The earth and I breathe
And pray
In One-ness.

My breath is a prayer with the One-ness that breathes the universe
And so is yours.
Every moment we take in what we need
Every moment we send out what someone else needs.
When we are in balance we flourish.
Out of balance, we choke and die.

I think of those whose callous cruelty is everywhere these days
And I wonder their throats don't close up,
Honestly, I don't know how they live
When their every breath is a strangling curse.

So I invite you to breathe with me and the planet.
A prayer of acknowledgement and connection.

Breathe in ourselves, 
We are the immigrants
The homeless and the poor
The refugees who have no where else to go
The waters that sustain all life
The animals and their shrinking habitats
The sick or poor who need assistance
The children who are hungry or abused
The creatives shouting to be heard
Those of us who are paid too little, ignored too often, 
Those of us whose hearts are hurting
Those of us who are alone
Those of us who resist 
Those of us who are free.
We are those who need help.
We are those that can help.
This is our home.

Breathe out and we are home.
Let us nurture ourselves
Let us protect ourselves
Let us need ourselves.
We are one in the One-ness.

We are the Breath of the Universe.
And every breath is a prayer.