Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Foundation of Love

In the divine and simple love of One-ness
That is the foundation of Love
It is really good
To be part of a community of people
Who want to be kind to each other. 
Sometimes that's more aspirational for us than achieved,
But here, with our Hesed secure in this solid place of Yesod,
We know
We are where we can keep trying.
Where kindness
And apologies
And forgiveness
And safety
Come our way when needed
And even when not. 
In the divine and simple love of One-ness.
It is really good.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A Kavannah for Seder Hand Washing / Rohtzah

We wash our hands to separate ourselves from the every day
And announce to our bodies,
This moment is different!

This is not a casual stuffing of our faces
With any convenient tasty mess.
This food is special!

Each upcoming bite will be a prayer.
Each  new story will be an memory.
We are here now and nowhere else.
We are like children, 
Getting ready for the repetitions and the boredom,
The questions and the revelations.
So we clean and prepare for our epic meal.

Blessed Eternal One-ness, Breath of the Universe, who has sanctified us through your commandments and has commanded us concerning the washing of hands.