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·   PLACE YOURSELF:  WORDS OF PRAYER AND INTENTION, A collection of works by Trisha Arlin to be be published in 2018 by Dimus Parrhesia Press

·   "Yizkor For the Ambivalent" in BESIDE STILL WATERS, A JOURNAL OF COMFORT AND RENEWAL,  ed. Rachel Barenblattto be be published in 2018

·   "Emet: Truth – Established and Otherwise" in A POET'S SIDDUR, ed. Rick Lupert,  Ain't Got No Press, 2017

·   "Kavannah Before Shofar Blowing" and "Choosing a Siddur In a Pluralistic Environment" (co-written with Rabbi Ellen Lippmann), in STUDIES IN JUDAISM AND PLURALISM, ed. Leonard Levin, Ben Yehuda Press 2016

·   We Eat First” Article co-written with Rabbi Ellen Lippmann in THE SACREDTABLE,  edited by Mary L. Zamore, CCAR Press 2011



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