Friday, May 22, 2015

A Blessing On Finishing the Counting Of The Omer

© 2015 Patricia Arlin

Blessed One-ness
Why did I count the Omer?

Every night I counted….what?
The grains of wheat I harvested?
My bread comes wrapped in plastic so,
Uh, no.
Counting the days until Shavuot?
I have a calendar on my phone, alerts that ring out
So, again, no.

So why did I count?
I didn't know why I counted until I counted,

Each date noted was a day stopped, if only for a moment.
A shabbat every day
And it was holy, 
Each day separated
All days the same.
So, this then, yes.

With a blessing for each day,
And a blessing for the count,
And a blessing for the counters,
I am in the blessed One-ness.

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