Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Our History

Bless our inventive ancestors, 

Who gave us 

The Daddy God of the Torah and 

The Lawyer God of the Talmud,

The Dreaming God of immigrants and 

The Pediatric God of children,

The Unlimited God of the mystics and

The Unmoving God of the philosophers, 

The Many Gendered God of community and

The Personal God who is each of ours, alone,

The non-existent god of our skepticism and 

The Holy Whole-ness of our adult searching.

The Loving God of our births and

The Redemptive God of our deaths,

With our imaginations and creations,

With our memories and traumas, 

With awe and concern for those who came before 

And with fear and love for all who will come after,

We stand within the One-ness. 

Blessed Was•Is•Will Be,  

Our shield

Our doubt

Our history. 

To this God we pray. 


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